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She’s a singer and songwriter, a fan of tattoos, takes weightlifting seriously, and has sensuality all over her. Priscila d’Avila, also known as Zoo in the artistic world, is a blue-eyed goddess with a style of her own. The nickname emerged when she was a child, because of her passion for animals. It was also as a kid that the Brazilian babe found her passion for the arts: Zoo sings, dances, and has worked abroad as a model. ‘I’ve worked in the States, and sang in China, where I lived for a while. I’m multipurpose!’ She even has a CD of her own, released in 2015. Besides, the blondie is perfect while photographing – she’s one of those models every photographer loves. Our babe Priscila is a real invitation to heaven, and you’re now able to see some of her talents right now.

Priscila d'Avila on

Priscila d'Avila on

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